Eyes on the SRC – September 17, 2015

In our ongoing effort to inform the public on the decision making of the SRC we submit an Update of Resolutions we highlighted from the Sept. 17th meeting.


SRC 9-17-15


SRC 3 Boys Latin Charter School – Amendment to Add Facilities Location

SRC 3 was “withdrawn by staff 9/17/15” with no explanation. Several speakers asked if adding a new location was going to be the new wave of Charter School expansion. We were told that adding a location did not indicate increasing enrollment. We need to keep an eye on this practice.

SRC-9 (Pending)

Proposed Action on Belmont Charter High School Revised Application

SRC 9 was denied. Commissioners Green and Simms voted yes and the other 3 said no.

A-25 (Pending)

Renewal of Lease Agreement with 2130 Arch Street Associates, L.P. – Science Leadership Academy

A-26 (Pending)

Renewal of Lease Agreement with 18 South Seventh Street Associates, L.P. – Constitution High School

Several students from SLA and Constitution high schools pleaded for their schools to remain in their present locations and it worked! Both Resolutions were unanimously approved. Pleading for your school to stay open (Bok high school, Smith elementary school, University City high school, Germantown high school) did not seem to work as well.

All other Resolutions we mentioned passed unanimously. The SRC uniformly votes in blocks, rarely on individual resolutions.